Urban Initiative
Sexuality Education and Awareness
A collaborative dedicated to inclusive sexuality education, services and resources in Minneapolis.

Our vision

We believe sexual and reproductive health is an essential part of healthcare so that the next generations are able to navigate their sexual lives in a responsible, respectful and safe ways.

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A picture of a family. Two adults and two young people. They are all smiling and holding each others hands.

How we help

We represent organizations that provide confidential, comprehensive sexual and reproductive healthcare including sexuality education for young people, parents, teachers, and youth-serving professionals.

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A picture of three experts from the community whose focus is on reproductive health for young people. The three women are smiling.

The community

Together, we are stronger. We support each others' work and advocate for policies and practices that support the wellbeing of young people in Minneapolis.

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A picture of a family. One adult and two young people. One of the young people has  very fashionable green hair.
Every young person deserves to have the information, support, and resources they need to make the best decision for themselves.
We are here for the questions, the conversations, and, above all, for the community.
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