Our vision
What we believe

We believe sexual and reproductive health is an essential part of healthcare so that the next generations are able to navigate their sexual lives in a responsible, respectful and safe ways.

Sexuality education should be: 

The education and healthcare young people receive should affirm and support LGBTQ+ people. It must be relevant to them and their experiences.
Those providing sexuality education in Minneapolis should reflect the communities being served. We need to foster career pathways into the field.
When sexuality education is underfunded, our communities suffer. Young people lose out on the information and support they need.
Fact- and Evidence-Based
Research shows that education based on facts is the most impactful.
Culturally Specific
The experiences and identities young people and their families have are essential parts of the lives, their health, and their relationships.
Sexuality education must take into account the changing values, messages, and needs young people have in order to be effective.
Free from judgement
Young people need adults who are there to partner with them, without shame or judgement, to feel confident making decisions that protect their health.
Sex Education and Health Services Work
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